Is Jhené Aiko’s “Souled Out” Worth The Listen?

Souled Out is available for pre-order and availble on September 9,2014 .  It’s supposed to be a continuation of the Sailing Soul(s) mixtape and Sail Out EP.  As a fan of Aiko’s work, the album should receive good ratings due to Sail Out‘s success. This album is available for First Play on Itunes Radio until release day. My favorite tracks so far are “Remember”, “Wading” and “It’s Cool”. “Promises” is a track that features Miyagi and Namiko, Jhené’s daughter. Souled Out‘s tracklist can be found here. The album artwork shows waves crashing down, a warm colored sky with Aiko being resurrected into the sky.  “The Pressure” is an album single with a video that can be watched below. I am loving those blonde braids girl! Jhené stays slaying and making slappers!

I will pre-order the album soon enough.


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