YG Takes The Observatory To Bompton For “My Krazy Life”

Compton born rapper YG released ‘My Krazy Life’ in mid March 2014.

He came to Santa Ana’s Observatory to have two shows: one early (7pm) and another a late show (10 pm) scheduled on September 9; both shows sold out. I attended the early show due to my class schedule.

The stage had a theme of his house on 400 Stokes Street. Its walls were tagged up with black paint. This setting proposed the idea that it focused on MKL’s narrative: a day in his life.

For an early show, he did not come out until 9pm. But he had made up for the lost time by performing “Bicken Back Bein Bool”, “Who Do You Love”, “BPT”, “Do It To Ya”, “My Ni**a etc. Overall, it was a slappin’ experience because he incorporated the crowd and did his c-walk. YG also brought out some guests and his daughter for “My Ni**a”. There was a raffle for four gift baskets. Sadly, I did not win one.

But I did purchase a Bompton shirt.




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