Thoughts On: Aaliyah Biopic

Most of us remember Aaliyah for songs like “Try Again”, “Rock The Boat” and “More Than A Woman”. She was a very popular multi-platinum & grammy nominated R&B artist. Aaliyah definitely left her mark on Contemporary R&B from 15 until her death at 22. It was essentially, R&B’s golden age in the early 2000’s, Houghton’s debut “Age Aint Nothin’ But A Number” was a gold hit. After that, “If You Only Knew” became a double platinum album shortly. The self-entitled final third album went Gold & double platinum. She was on the rise to probably be the next Beyonce. Houghton clearly was an impeccable artist before her time. I am not writing this opinion to just talk about her contributions to the music industry; but the controversial making of her biopic.

Her family does not support it being made nor authorize it. Aaliyah’s fans are completely opposed to the idea too. The controversy began over casting. Zendaya was casted as Babygirl, she quit due to backlash over skin complexion. Alexandra Shipp was now casted to take over. I do not think she has the facial resemblance of the late star. I never supported the Lifetime biopic being made in the first place, just like TLC’s VH1 movie.

To make money off someone who has died does not seem right. Let their legacy live on beyond the grave through the music left behind. Not some film with actors and actresses who do not look nearly as close to dead artists’ colleagues. Those who grew up with her music want to remember her for what she did musically, instead of an
inaccurate representation of her life. Younger viewers will have a different perception of Aaliyah. Mostly because she is an artist who is too old for their time. Her musical legacy will live on, hopefully without this movie.

In the meantime, I’ll listen to all her albums and sip my tea. Aaliyah “Babygirl” Dana Haughton will never be forgotten.

Rest In Paradise,Babygirl.


One thought on “Thoughts On: Aaliyah Biopic

  1. I just came onto your blog and found your story on Aaliyah. If you have a real interest in her let me know. I co-own a small record label and one of our artists was her MD and another her primary male back-up singer.


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