Flying Lotus’ Moves With “Flotus”

Flying Lotus is a rapper and industry established producer from Los Angeles. His sounds cover a vast number of genres from Electronic to Hip-Hop. A producer who can incorporate a popular array of sounds, guarantees their mixtapes and albums target all types of listeners: from the Hip-Hop head, instrumentalist to trip-hopper (Trip Hop┬áis a subgenre in electronic music, not hip-hop.) Some of his most recent works are “Never Catch Me” featuring Kendrick Lamar and the ‘You’re Dead’ album.

It has a Japanese sound influence; ideally made for studying or trying to create artwork. “Flotus” reminds me of Nujabes’ “Aururian Dance” and Charles Hamilton’s “Rivers in Reverse”.

“Flotus” has the ability to soothe away the stress and send you into a deep sleep. It is not the type of track to try and wake up to via alarm.


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