Blog Name Origin: What Is A Slap?

A frequent question asked by readers is “What does “Slap” mean in”Yo! That Slaps”?

A slap can be defined as a song or album that is really good. Something that can be played repeatedly and you would never get tired of hearing it. These songs can be used while in any mood or while doing anything (i.e clubbing, studying, eating or just relaxing). So the intention of slapping songs are to expand readers’ music taste to new depths.

I want to share my findings with readers; show them artists or producers outside of the comfort zone. Readers can expect to hear those in the music industry from social media platforms that include: Datpiff, SoundCloud, Youtube etc. My ultimate goal is to show that there are artists and producers who are just as talented as mainstream artists, but they just need publicity to get their foot into the door.


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