Wild – Common x Jay Electronica’s “Nobody’s Smiling”

This was one of the few concerts I have been to with a live band and multiple DJs. Doors opened a little late due to sound checks and stuff. But I still got to be in the front. Jay Electronica, a New Orleans rapper, did some cyphers. He allowed someone a chance to spit a few bars. Electronica performed “Exhibit C” and walked into the crowd.

Then Common came.. everyone went wild.

He looks even better in person, for all you die hard fans. The set list included a little bit of everything from his discography: which included “The Light”,”The People”, “Black Majik”, “Southside”, “Kingdom” , “Come Close”, “Go!”, “Testify”, “The Food” and ” I Used to Love H.E.R”, etc. He paid his respects to J.Dilla, Biggy and Tupac. Throughout the show, he signed fan memorabilia. I wished he signed my ticket though. But both Common and Jay were in my breathing space and touched my hand multiple times. Overall it was a fantastic show. Common is definitely someone worth seeing live. You will not regret it.


IMG_3627 IMG_3598


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