Wale Is So Lit Live

In case you did not know this, I recently went to New Orleans to present academic research on my favorite rapper. It discussed Hip-Hop and the marginalization of Black marriage in America. So obviously, I would not pass up another chance to see Wale in concert, since I missed his Riverside show. So while I was buying hot sauce for pizza, my friend Facetimed me about his show, I had to buy a ticket right away.

Wale decided to have a pop-up show at the Observatory. This was the show where I literally sung my lungs out. I knew every track in his set. They even gave me the mic to sing the chorus to “Bad”. One person got to go backstage. Unfortunately, it was not me.. but the person behind me. His set was about eighteen songs. Given that, it included a few tracks from his past mixtapes and studio albums. Similarly to Dej Loaf, Wale came out on an IoHawk. He even had a WWE Intercontinental title belt (if you did not know this already, Wale is a big WWE fan). Some tracks he had performed included “Legendary”, “Chain Music”, “Pretty Girls”, “Slight Work”, “Loyalty”, “Ambition”, “The White Shoes”, “Clappers”, “Bait”, “Bad”, “No Hands” and “The Break Up Song”, as well as “The Matrimony”, “Lotus Flower Bomb” and “The Body”From those few tracks, Wale provided a lot of energy. The DC rapper went over his show time and wanted to perform other tracks like “The Need To Know”This concert was honestly the best show of my life. Unfortunately, he did not have any merchandise for sale. He will probably be one of the few artists that I would see in concert every single time. Maybe one day, I will get to meet him and let him know he is an inspiration.



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