Bodega Brovas x The Movement Fam Unite For “Shine”

The Bodega Brovas is a hip hop trio consisting of Travii the 7th, Keynote and Headkrack. All three are from different parts of the United States — specifically, Dallas, The Bronx and Chicago. The “Shine” music video was shot throughout Canada during their  2014 “Blood, Sweat & Beers” Tour. It was and edited by Richard Bastarache in Montreal. M. Slago produced the touching, emotionally-charged beat.

Australian rappers Cee and Notion of The Movement Fam make an appearance to preach some life lessons. This conscious track focuses on “issues and realities of the world today, and how the MCs plan to overcome them”. After listening to it twice, this track offers some good advice. The chorus adds positivity to each verses’ honesty. Headkrack sounds a bit like Kendrick Lamar for a second. If his verse interested you, check his freestyle and interview on Sway In The Morning.


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