Brooklyn West & Nitty Scott MC Ask Provoking Questions Via “Tumbl[HER] (Prod. by Rambo)

She’s on my dashboard, have you seen her?

Brooklyn West is a Bahamian-born hip hop artist. She is the Hypster Hymnist. Tumbl[HER] is a single from her newest project Hazy Maze. West collaborates with Nitty Scott, MC for a remake. Nitty contributes the first encounter perspective of meeting someone from the site. The Rambo Hip-Hop-House produced beat combined with both women’s verses creates a catchy futuristic take on Hip-Hop. By itself, the chorus is enough to want to keep the song on repeat.

“Tumbl[HER”] voices almost every arising question about a photo’s first and its lasting impression on your mind. Ironically, I did find this song on my Tumblr dash last week. Since then, it’s become a favorite find. Listen to this song while browsing your dashboard and you might find yourself asking Brooklyn’s very own questions. Most importantly, listen to Brooklyn’s hymns.

“Tumbl[HER”] is available for download via iTunes.


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