Micah Williams Gets In Your Head During “Wild Youth”

“Young kid, crazy world that we livin’ in” “How you feelin’ kids? “

Micah Williams is a 19-year-old alternative rap artist, song writer and engineer from Greensboro, North Carolina. He is currently residing in Florida. “Wild Youth” was produced by Andre Ossit & Jo FLX’N with the help of punk band More to Monroe member Sam Smizek on the guitar.  It centers around the dark thoughts and fears of teenagers and children. Williams’ goal was to display how the individuals combat their everyday issues with school, drug abuse, depression etc. He feels that adolescents are attempting to conform and discover themselves while struggling on their own journeys toward defining happiness. Micah’s EP “HIKE” is set to release sometime this year.

“Wild Youth” sets the tone for a storyline consisting of a dark, stormy night as a rebellious, terrified teen runs through the woods. I  was attracted to this song because of the guitar and bass drum.  These two instruments work together and instantly create a cryptic, haunting foundation for Williams’ to plant his lyrics to get in your head. The first song I heard from him was “Roses & Violets“, a soft and mellow record about a girl. “Wild Youth” shows his abilities to work with different soundscapes and combine genres.

The artwork was done by Sanjeev Das.

Follow Micah here:

Twitter – @WhoIsMicahW

Tumblr – whoismicahw

Soundcloud – Micah Williams.

YouTube – WhoIsMicahWilliams


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