Ciscero Inspires In “Kids Wear Crowns”

“Mommy’s in class and teacher ain’t teachin’, the prophet just standin’ there, he tired of preachin'”.
Ciscero is a 26-year-old rapper from Maryland and describes his sound as “soulful crank”.  He member of DMV collective The Whop (Goldlink, Mike of Doom, Iceberg Jettson, ReztShaad Huron & others). “Kids Wear Crowns” is his first single and EP project; the release date is to be determined. Ciscero was inspired and samples Diggs Duke on the trumpet. Duke is a DC jazz artist who also contributes some additional vocals towards the ending. Shaad Huron produced “Kids Wear Crowns”, while Manny Wellz and Asante added additional vocals.
What’s God to a non-believer? Still God.
The beat build up initially attracted me to this song. Ciscero fills “Kids Wear Crowns” with pure soul. He’s truthful and speaks individuals’ real living situations. From 1:33 to 3:10, is full flow and nothing but bars. Duke’s testimony near the closing seconds, provide inspiration: You will always wear a crown, until you die.
Download “Kids Wear Crowns” here.

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