Marty Mard Loves His Haters In “Hate It”

Play with my money, I go Super Sayian Three.

Marty Mard is an artist from Uptown New Orleans, Louisiana. He’s been rapping since 5. The NOLA native has recently moved to Los Angeles to work on his upcoming project, Beverly Baller hosted by DJ FILTHYRICHTAJ. Mard freestyles on every track, while fellow NOLA beat maker G.Fre$h produces for him. “Hate It” is dedicated to individuals with haters as they become more successful.

He is never afraid to flex. “Hate It” is a single from his Green and Gold Pt. II, which is available for download iTunes. A bass-hi-hat introduction begins to give off a relaxing vibe. Marty ambushes you with a scorching freestyle with intense delivery. His chorus states reasons for receiving hate. Do not hate on Marty.

A visual for “Hate It” was recently released earlier this month. It provides a glimpse of Marty relaxing in the hills. Peep the video below.


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