Nymano’s “Quand la Pluie Tombe” Finds Comfort In Rain

I hope the rain never stops.

Nymano is a French producer from Nancy, France. He is signed to Orikami, an independent French label based in Paris, France. They focus on Electronic and Hip-Hop instrumentals. As an artist, he is a “bedroom beat maker”; but outside of music he is a student pursuing science. Some of his inspirations include Nujabes, DJ Okawari and Ta-ku. But he mainly cites Soundcloud artist, bsd.u as a his biggest motivator.

 I try to give an unique atmosphere and a “scenario” to every beat, and even if these short stories are independent we could sum up them in a “big story”.

  • Nymano describing his beats.

“Quand la Pluie Tombe” is a self-produced instrumental. He graces your ears with raindrops, a piano and the saxophone. All these sounds merge together to set the tone of a cold, rainy night. This jazzy and soothing soundscape will clear your mind. “Quand la Pluie Tombe”, is pure alleviation in the form of an instrumental. If you consider yourself a pluviophile — someone who finds comfort in the rain, this beat is for you. His new album Short Stories is available here.


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