Branko – “Take Off” (featuring Princess Nokia)

Princess Nokia, call me on my cellular.

Branko is a Lisbon based DJ, producer and head of Enchufada. He is a Red Bull Music Academy alum and co-founder of afro-electronic infused techno project group Buraka Som Sistema; this group has redefined the dance music culture and Global Club Music.  His debut LP, Atlas, features a variety of artists from some of the world’s most exhilarating music scenes. This project has garnished attention with tracks including “Eventually” (feat. Alex Rita & Bison” and “Let Me Go” (feat. Nonku Phiri & Mr. Carmack. As a solo artist, Branko’s discography includes singles, a mixtape and EP, featuring collaborations with Zebra Katz, Roses Gabor to  Dominique Young Unique and Njena Redfoxx.

This collaboration has been on Branko’s mind ever since he heard Princess Nokia’s debut mixtape ‘Metallic Butterfly.’ He was captivated by the young NYC rapper’s truly global personality and ability to effortlessly jump between genres, something which according to Branko, “is pretty uncommon these days, especially coming from someone who has something to say.”

Branko and Princess Nokia came together in New York to create this cutting-edge track. “Take Off” can be considered a rhythmic, free-spirited take on modern rap. The innovative sounds with Nokia’s bars, create an instant banger. You can easily workout, drive or simply dance to this song. This is a mere glimpse of “Atlas”. Branko, Nokia and Buraka Som Sistema are definitely worth artists to follow on Soundcloud.

The beat alone is addicting. I just might be in love with Electronica now.


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