Nako Genesis Brings Up Envy Within “J E A L O U S” (prod. by Don Kevo)

I ain’t never been J E A L O U S about what another n*gga got.

Nako Genesis is rapper and producer from Virginia, specifically the 757. He linked up with Don Kevo (the producer behind Keith Ape‘s viral track “It’s G Ma“). This track is dedicated to those who feel that people are jealous of them; it is for everyone, even homeless people. He thinks hardworking people may look at them [ the homeless] and be envious because they do not have any responsibilities.

As an artist, Nako wants to promote having good time and inspiring the youth. His inspirations Include Nas, J Cole, OutKast, Boris the Lucid, and pretty much all of his buggas.

 I really believe in the phrase “it’s lit”. BIG SHOUTOUT TO DON KEVO FOR THE PRODUCTION.

The Kevo-produced beat is psychedelic and cryptic. Genesis states his ability to flex and remains content with his lifestyle. He brings an aggressive energy with catchy hooks.   A visual is in the works for “J E A L O U S”. This video is about to be lit.

IMG_7545 IMG_7556



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