Mr. Bee Praises TBG Via “A Small White Guy Production” Mix

Mr Bee is a Parisian DJ, music lover and vinyl collector, residing in Detroit, MI. He was heavily influenced by Jamaican culture, then focused Hip-hop because of Boom-Bap and it’s jazzy and soul atmospheres. He has made connections with Detroit’s hip-hop scene while working with 5E Gallery members DJ Sicari and Jmacc. Bee is a member of Native Songs with Benito Turntable (Montreal),  a French non-profit association aiming to promote artists and DJs from Hip-Hop culture as well as any type of modern music styles while keeping vinyl alive. His mix is entitled “A Short White Guy Production” because of his height and ethnicity.
“I discovered Tall Black Guy music about 2 years ago and has been instantly touched by its unique sound : this soulful aspect perfectly mixed with deep grooves really drove me crazy in a minute. I’m a big instrumental hip hop fan, as a matter of fact, it was obvious for me listening to his entire discography as well as collabs and remixes done with other artists.
I wanted to share my love for his music with people then decided to select tracks going from his first productions to its latest releases”.
– Mr. Bee describing TBG and why he made the mix.
The Parisian native, exhibits TBG in a nutshell — this mix is about an hour long, with twenty-three different tracks being showcased. You’re probably asking “What’s the point of listening to an hour long music mix”? A benefit of the long duration is that there is no need to compile a random playlist for the moment, when you can just listen to this and get things done.
I found myself thinking deeply during the instrumentals and just analyzing lyrics during other songs. Other times, there was complete nostalgia, as TBG created phenomenal takes on my favorite artists including J.Dilla and Michael Jackson. Something I liked particularly about this compilation, was that he does not attempt to overwhelm you with only songs but perfectly switches between instrumentals and remixes.
The hour goes by pretty quick. To sum it up, the mix is a combination of Conscious hip-hop, boom-bap and mellowness. If you like jazzy, mellow hip-hop instrumentals, this mix is perfect. You willl find yourself anticipating what’s next while being lost in the rhythms and rhymes.
He’s most likely going to make a part two to this. Stay tuned. Check Mr. Bee out here Native Songs there.

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