Saux x The Septembers’ Recollect Emotions In “Work”

It will never work, but we always try.

The Septembers are an Australian duo comprised of songwriter Donna Arendse and vocalist/producer James Chatburn. They just relocated to Berlin, Germany from Sydney. The Septembers’ name was inspired by Donna’s great aunt: South African anti-apartheid political activist Dulcie September.

Saux, on the other hand, is a Dutch producer and DJ creating sounds ranging from warm electronic music, underground pop, tropical melodies to anything in-between. His talents have garnished attention from recognition from BBC, Majestic CasualFACT Mag and more. He currently has an upcoming EP in the works.

“Work” became to be the product of a spontaneous jam session on a rainy day in Amsterdam. The Saux produced beat is soothingly agonizing. The lyrics of “Work” are a somber recollection of a poignantly convoluted, wounded relationship. Chatburn mourns a love lost; Arendse remains strong and optimistic while coming to terms with reality. Overall, “Work” has gripping melodies over raw instrumentation.

It has become a monthly favorite of mine — even though my heart hurts every time.

Check out Saux’s recent single featuring Jeffrey James. Stayed tuned for Saux’s upcoming EP.

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