Cosmic Quest & Lolaby Time Travel For “Affinity”

Cosmic Quest is a producer based in North Hollywood, CA, while Lolaby’s singing is crystal clear. The Los Angeles duo began collaborating┬átogether about two months ago. They have completed 5 songs, 3 have been released. Quest’s intention was to spread wisdom and positivity with his music. She complements the producer, with conscious language. Affinity was produced in one week, like most of their tracks. Their tracks are being released like wildfire.

It’s a good feeling when you can start a song, and finish it in a matter of 24-48 hours, then the rest is just mixing down.

Lolaby’s vocals create a bright aura. From browsing Cosmic’s sounds, each track they put out has a fresh, dynamic beat. The duo is truly futuristic sounding together, which garnished my attention. “Affinity” will bring you chills.

Check out more of their tracks below.


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