Similar Objects’ “Cosmic Practice” Trusts The Universe

Similar Objects is a 25-year-old Manila based multi-genre and experimental artist signed to Singaporean label Darker Than Wax and  Number Line Records in the Philippines. His electronic sound encompasses a variety of influences including ambient, lo-fi, hip-hop, synth funk and chill trap (to name a few). Objects is also one of the founding members of The BuwanBuwan Collective; a movement pushing electronic music in the Philippines.

This has been difficult year full of creative droughts. Music is a strong medium for [Similar’s] change and evolution. He has devoted his life to learning beyond the vibrations and pure expression. “Cosmic Practice” is the result of a few vape hits and music that wrote itself.

It is a phenomenal mix of pure, ethereal sounds. Acoustic and minor ambient impressions stood out to me the most. There is not an overpowering of a single musical element. It is essentially a free flowing instrumental, encompassing universal sounds.

I wish the track was longer.


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