D. marX Flavor A Cup of “Black Coffee” (prod. Edo Lee)

The colder weather has caused me to bump this track more. Dontae Adisa is back with another one. This time in a duo, D.marX — comprised of him and Zay. They focus on making music classified as “wave hop”, consisting of jazzy beats and conscious rap.

“Black Coffee” is an allegory about complexion, color lines and humanity. Both Colectiv_. members utilize their mixed experiences to discuss and address the issues of race and colorism in America. The Edo Lee produced instrumental provides hints of a busy restaurant or cafe ambience.

Lines like “we’re not too far from them days when 5 of us was just 3” is an example of showing how black people were not considered to be wholly human. You know like the 3/5th compromise during slavery in which slaves were considered to be 3/5ths of a human for representation purposes. It’s a conscious look at America by using coffee as a synonym for skin tone and the problems that arise from racial tension.

Dontae describing conscious undertones of “Black Coffee” .

It’s a unique take on personifying coffee. You just might not look at the beverage the same after listening.


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