$am The Man’s “Midnight Music” Embodies Adventurous Nights

DMV rapper and producer $am The Man has been acquiring some buzz after releasing some singles and performing shows throughout the East Coast. Midnight Music is the Curfew Records artist’s 8-track EP  featuring beats by Tek.Lun, Lakim, FLAIRPAPI [$am, himself]  among others. Listeners will embark on a late night adventure in Midnight Music.

This expedition begins with “Pray For Me” a keyboard-heavy introduction somewhat meant to incite fear as he asks for prayer. Mike of Doom contributes to the chorus of “Mr.Clean”, while $am utilizes a straight-forward, speech effusive flow. “Revenue” incorporates looped piano chords and autotune for a track dedicated to gettin’ money.

“Thot Interlude” exploits $am’s side chick’s commentary over high hats and drum pads. Her dirtiness is conducive to his secrecy and late-night emotional issues. Midnight Music has it’s turning point with  “Olivia”, a self-produced single conveying his emotional indifference via intense percussion and keyboard melodies .”Martin & Gina” is one of the lighter and simpler sounding tracks; Teddy Hinson spits a few bars towards its closing on a late night drive.

Unfortunately, the last two tracks were missing at the time of this review.

Nonetheless, This project had a cohesive beat production. “Revenue” and “Mr. Clean” implemented strong delivery. But “Olivia” and “Martin & Gina” lacked lyrical depth and flow. Midnight Music is eerily insouciant with hints of emotional concern.


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