Dabeull & Cezaire’s “16h30” Is Wavy

French duo Dabeull & Cézaire seek to inspire France’s robust music culture. This pair were profoundly impacted by music of their generation. Cézaire was inspired by  New Disco, House and Hip-Hop sounds, sought to create electronic music with a “French Touch”.Outside of producing, he is still immersed in the music industry: as  label manager, talent scout and art director. Dabeull on the other hand, grew up as a transplant of disco and funk — later, aspiring to be a renowned music producer. Both would later become internationally accomplished music producers.

Earlier this summer, the Roche Musique affiliates released “16h30” off of the Parisian label’s .Wave compilation. It is simply a mellow track with hyper-funk accents. Vocals are manipulated via talk box and looped throughout the track to create a sentimental vibe. The clear basslines and keyboard are mere bonuses.

“16h30” is a track that needs to be on your next summer playlist.





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