Monsieur Desire Does Numerous Covers For His “Influence Collection”

Toronto based singer and songwriter Monsieur Desire’s latest effort, Influence supplants last year’s Quiet Storm. This collection is a compilation of moving acoustic covers paying homage to his aspirations. All tracks respectively encompass an array of genres:from R&B, Alternative to Hip Hop and Jazz .

He collaborated with Scott Dion Brown to alter and craft raw renditions of Mary J. Blige, Kanye West, Nat King Cole and others. Each track explore various realms of vocal vulnerability in “All the Cards” and “Trouble Love”. Desire seamlessly transitions and readjusts to Brown’s respective arrangements for “Tell Blessings”, “Unforgettably Misty” and  “Evening Moon”.
Influence is a project that displays his vocal versatility. His heartfelt melodies seek to soothe listeners’ ears. Background vocals yield to strengthen the 5-track assortment. It’s a pleasant, sincere work embodying Desire’s journey to find his sound.

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