Stuart McCallum Amplifies The “City” Sounds

City is Manchester guitarist and composer Stuart McCallum’s most recent effort under Naim. The McCallum-Spaven co-written project embodies a fusion of ambient-electronic and jazz soundscapes with various notable collaborations; where he fuses acoustic and electronic instruments to create a distinct sound. Some of his influences include Debussy, Taylor McFerrin and Machinedrum and Martin Simpson.

“City” is a collaboration with London based drummer and producer, Richard Spaven. This producer’s creations merge contemporary jazz with downtempo electronics to craft alleviating vibrations.

Both artists unite to embody sounds of a busy but lively metropolitan environment. McCallum’s weaving vocals echo a warning of falling in love with a city — its name is never described. The Manchester musician manipulates pulses of synth, in unison with sharp bass vamps and crisp melodic arrangements.

Overall, this track is a preview of a project embodying ambient-electronic and jazz soundscapes to form enthralling sounds.



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