The Elle Tests Her Luck By “Wishing On A Star” (Feat. Blaccout Garrison)

Contemporary R&B/Soul singer-songwriter The Elle merges bits and pieces of classic soul, 90’s R&B and hints of golden era hip-hop into an authentic, modern sound.  The Minneapolis native – NYC songstress turned to creative writing as emotional outlet, later writing her first song at thirteen. By 2011, she passionately pursued music seriously — ultimately releasing her EP 5 AM in March 2015.

“Wishing on a Star” is an anthem for hopeful dream chasers and goal diggers. Elle expresses heartfelt vocals and moving lyrics over emotive piano melodies. Minnesota Hip-hop artist Blaccout Garrison further conveys dreamers’ realities in a few bars. P-Soul’s looping piano beat production adds a raw emotional vibe. 

If you ever need extra hope to keep grinding, repeat this. The Elle has a full-length project is currently in the works. Stay tuned. 


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