Sinh & Masego Make A “Trashy Tribute” To Dilla

“Stop sticking to rules, think outside of the box”.

That is a motto found on Enkhuizen/Amsterdam based producer Youri “.sinh” Ter Stiege‘s Soundcloud. It also embodies each of his ingenious beats. He’s been in the production game since 16 and strives to leave a large imprint on music.

One, by founding  ZenSupremacy — collective of forward thinking artists in various creative avenues. The Zen family contains talent ranging from: producers and DJs to graphic designers and video directors.

His sound is genre-less, seeking to defy the confines of any musical style.

“Trashy Tribute” pays tribute to J. Dilla, one of .Sinh’s dominant inspirations. Masego energizes the track with live sax. Piano loops are more clear and pronounced. A smooth celestial cover indeed.

Rest in beats, Jay.

Peep his new track, “Holograms (in our hearts)” below.



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