Brothel’s “Thoughts” Makes Sadness Linger

Unidentifiable producer Brothel, like most artists, enjoys utilizing music as a platform for self-expression. Their artist identity remains anonymous while leaving trails of stirring instrumentals. “Brothel’s” sound is uncategorized. Listeners’ can attempt to box “it” under their own perceptions. One thing is for sure, this talented creative is associated with bass heavy party music collective Amster Gang.

“Thoughts” is an instrumental rooted in nostalgia and reminiscence. Sadness is a prominent emotion hidden in between ongoing riffs and ringing cymbals. After hearing the brief snippet, you will crave the full listening experience.

I’m kind of mad that it’s short. But hey, some things are meant to be conveyed in a short amount of time.

Check out Brothel and Amster gang in the meantime.




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