Saxton & Veda’s “Montego” & “Aurora” Embody Summer’s Tropical Sounds

Iowa based artist Veda  stays making waves. She’s been working heavily with Maine based producer Saxton to create free-flowing nu disco tracks. Each sound encapsulates tropical vibrations.

Both “Montego” and “Aurora” inject listeners with nostalgic sounds of the 80’s disco scene. She confidently showcases moving vocals, while drum grooves and other instruments help instill a deeper emotional connection. These tracks will definitely get you excited for the summer.

More about Veda

Veda is a 20 year old vocalist who believes heavily in the power of music. She donates half of her music sales to charity. The French-Canadian college student seems to be submerged in music at all times: whether producing tracks, singing and songwriting or hosting her radio show, The Planets of the Mixtapes at KRUU FM

Kaytranda, Sango, Ta-ku and more remain to inspire this rising artist. In her upcoming debut EP, Veda attempts to explore new boundaries by blending hip-hop/r&b with neb-soul and baile funk. The release date is TBD.


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