Thrills Reworks SWV’s “Can We” Into “Supa Dupa”

I love making new playlists during the summer. After hearing this, you might want to add it to yours.

LA producer/rapper Thrills began leaving his mark on Soundcloud through a 5 track rework EP entitled Short Days/Long Nights released last year.  A majority of this project blends hip-hop with festival sounds to showcase his lyricism and flow. “Sleepless Nights” (a remix of “Sleepless“) outperformed the rest and became a fan favorite – dominating with 60k plays. Like many artists, he attempts to set himself apart through originality.

 “I feel like it’s the same thing. Hip-hop was invented on sampling. I just so happen to not care rather I’m sampling the future or the past. They are just colors to paint with.”

He takes us back to ’97 with this classic change up of SWV’s  Timbalandproduced single “Can We”. “Supa Dupa” acts as a stoner-approved anthem with old school roots.

The Block Cheddar affiliate’s single is great to bump during summer nights. He paints vivid pictures through smooth flows and chill lyricism. He has a go with the flow presence on this track, which causes you to wind down as you vibe to the beat. This track would fit well with a reefer or chill playlist.

Peep his visual for “Sleepless Nights” below:






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