PLS&TY & Bobby Saint Travel Westward in”Outlaws”

PLS&TY is one of the many talents associated with PRMD Records — a platform is  home to Avicii, Cazzette, and iSHi. The Palm Beach native is making waves after his future bass  Genevieve “Colors remix acquired placement in Hershey’s “Feed Your Fancy, Hello Happy national US TV commercial.

Barbadian rising soul singer Bobby Saint has been known for his collaborations with Los Angeles forward thinking production duo Penthouse Penthouse. This time around, he’s collaborated with LA-based PLS&TY (Please & Thank You)  on their debut single “Outlaws”.

It showcases PLS&TY’s bright future. A heavy western influence allows Saint to reflect on his trails of stickups with rigid vocals. “Outlaws” is an ideal dance-pop track for those seeking to breakaway from the hustle and bustle of life.

The track is available for download here.



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