Hooligan Lou’s “Cruisin” Is The Carefree Summer Anthem

Do you ever listen to a song and just imagine a full-fledged music video? You might just after hearing this.
HOOLIGAN LOU (Lucas Primes) is a 16 year old musician signed to Rebellious Records. His interest in hip-hop stemmed from growing up in a multicultural environment. Lil Wayne’s wordplay, Big L’s flow & Eminem’s rapper persona made him appreciate the genre. But after hearing Chance The Rapper, Mac Miller and Tyler, The Creator, the Ossining hooligan wanted to rap. This young independent’s Soundcloud url ideally summarizes his music: Some pretty good ish.
Lou soon accumulated a 2,000+ fanbase and released his first EP on 4/20 entitled Sm;)e: a compilation of 3 blaze-friendly tracks. Primes’ debut album, Purple Sunset has received positive feedback and reflects his goofy kid persona.
“Cruisin” is an adolescent/young adult’s carefree summer anthem reinforcing the importance of living in the moment. It incorporates a funky, upbeat eclectic instrumental that can be found throughout PS. Indianapolis singer-songwriter Wavvi delivers an addictive hook echoing carefree summer moments. Jake Lilly’s bars and wordplay create animated imagery. Evident’s bars bring the track full circle, filling missing gaps with a driven perspective.
This is one of the more well rounded tracks of summer sixteen. Lou is an artist who is unafraid to test creative boundaries. He often sets the bar higher with each release, showcasing new versatility as time passes by. The NY incoming high school senior’s upcoming EP Dear Diary.. will be dropping September 14th; paying homage to his 914 area code. Cam Meekins & Chris Rivers are some expected features.
Check out one of the DD singles “Lazy Day” and the project artwork below. The artwork quotes are A1.

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