Mina Explores Sierra Leone’s Sounds via ‘Kabala’

London based DJ Mina constantly explores new musical boundaries. Her lush UK club infusions of afrobeat, dancehall and other rich tropical sounds have ingeniously defined her in the thriving global club world.

Music has been a vital force in this young producer’s life — if she’s not making it, the Echufanda affiliate hosts Boko! Boko! on  Radar Radio showcasing various rich future sounds ranging anywhere from Afropop, Kwaito and Kudoro to Club and Funk.

Last year, LA-based label Friends of Friends featured  “Tombura” — an invigorating collaboration with Italian producer Lorenzo BITW, in their Singles series. She now blesses us with Kabala — a project named after a Sierra Leone town.

 This 2-track debut EP reflects her adventure in the coastal West African nation during New Years Eve. “New Patan” reunites Mina with Freetown-based producer Sillati. It follows their previous collaboration, “Balafon Bata”, another West-African influenced track.

But this time around, they highlight Afrobeat’s addictive energy through quick paced soundscapes, organic West African procession and infectious bass lines.

“Pineapples & Qumquats”, however, takes the beat down a notch. It channels moving marimba melodies with UK Funky riddims. This is a more ideal song to relax and wind down to, while “New Patan” encourages you to get loose on the dance floor.

Regardless, Mina’s project is a exhilarating and stimulating. Another project is due later this year. While we wait, download her 1K Zip: a project incorporating steel pans, emotional dancehall with some Sean Paul and get lost in the music.

Kabala is available for stream and download on BandcampSpotify  and iTunes.



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