Collin & Abyssinian Gold’s “Time” Prioritizes Living In The Moment

Time is sometimes a blessing and curse. There’s never enough time to get anything done and we’re impatient. But at the end of the day, we’re all just trying to make it.  Collin’s “Time” heavily reflects our irritation with the statement “take your time”.

21 -year-old LA rapper Collin creates music reflecting millennials’ mentalities while encouraging them to feel in the moment; whether it be a turn up or conceptual track.  The Rialto born artist often relocated different parts of LA, soon settling in Houston until high school. But music wasn’t his first love: it was and always has been basketball. Collin originally planned to pursue the sport until his collegiate scholarships were compromised. While in alternative school, he garnished a passion for writing music.

My music should give you a feeling of wanting to live more. It will bring a moment to you, whether it’s turning up, love, or crying when listen to one of my tracks because I described the pain you’re going through.

“Time” voices his conflicts with time and path. A dark production serves for a space to swiftly delivers realness through intricate lyricism. His delivery is vicious and direct, confidently seizing every opportunity to connect with listeners. Abyssinian Gold faintly repeats “take your time”, calmly reassuring to trust the process . This track is well put together and ideal for pondering self doubt during life’s trials and tribulations.

The athlete-turned-rapper’s debut project, HITS, drops next month. It will be available on iTunes, Tidal, Apple Music, Spotify etc. Meanwhile, check out his single “Finessed A Bag” below.








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