Happy 2nd Birthday!

September 7, 2015, 7:30 am PST

Somewhere in Southern California

Two years in the blogosphere. Wild.

I have become passionate about writing and curating this blog. It’s almost like my child. The consistency of posting isn’t as high as I want it to be. But we’ll get there. This year has been full of changes and lessons. I’ve taken up a contributing opportunity at Ashley Outrageous, managing an artist, fallen in love with fitness and still trying to graduate (hopefully by next year). My ear has become wider and more clear when it comes to other genres. I also went to my first festival: FYF (a write up still in the works). However, through all of this, I’ve been able to foster meaningful relationships with like-minded individuals.

I just started my Senior year in college, a few weeks ago — pretty intense.  But this year, I hope to bring more consistency, enhanced and sharper write ups and maybe a few new things.. Be on the look out. Thank you for the support: the tweets, shares, emails. I appreciate you.

By 3, we’ll be in better places.

See you in a year,

Mo Indigo.




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