Listen Up: Transparency is Vital in Hooligan Lou’s “Dear Diary”

Your favorite hooligan is back and he’s amplifying transparency and growth in his wild life.

Dear Diary features notable production credits from E e v e e, Leaf Beach, Beressi and others. Cam Meekins, Møøse and Osi Mac reflect some of the remarkable features dispersed throughout his work. This 20-track sophomore album contains potent bars and complex flows, all mostly served under 2-minute segments.

The Rebellious Records affiliate makes a strong intro with Miraa.’s smooth jazzy production. Listeners are eased into exploring a multi-layered project. When listening closely, each tier of this projects exudes an overarching theme rather than a cohesive storyline: whether it’s concepts surrounding the happiness of “Bliss”, ambition of “Dreamer” or frustration of “Self-medication”.

The first few tracks carry over his care-free persona from Purple Sunset. By “Stressin”,  DD embodies more of a serious tone. The hooligan briefly highlights a hypercritical analyzation of mainstream rap. It appears unexpected, but ultimately forces listeners to pay closer attention to his lyricism throughout the latter portions of DD. 

From “Lazy Day” to the close of “Life Goes On”, Lou enters a period of reevaluation. He scatters to recoup happiness despite experiencing heavy loss. Nostalgia played an important role in showcasing Lou’s evolution in times of adversity.

Lou’s sound appears more concentrated and clear; Punchlines, production and imagery prevailed as his strong suit. However, Dear Diary’s length is a bit overwhelming. But aside from that, it’s a cool project. The album artwork is A1.





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