A Simple “Hold On”: Taking A Step Back

Hey! Happy New Year! I hope your holidays went well and that you excel in 2017.

You might be wondering why there hasn’t been a single post in a few months. I fell off the blogosphere in early October 2016. Fall semester was definitely tough since I’m closer to graduating. Although, I’ve still been going to shows and finding new music, this write up has been long overdue.

After some situations and experiences,  I took the decision to step back and re-evaluate everything in my 21-year-old life: from exploring soon-to-be post-grad opportunities, defining this brand, attempting to organize the clutter, to simply getting more rest and being heard and understood.

There are various reasons why this is happening: maybe to plan my yearly resurgence, maybe to live a little, maybe just to wonder or sharpen skills, maybe to question this brand and where it’s going. “Maybe” is the best way to define reasoning: itt isn’t really clear and vague, but it’s intended to be.

Our submission window is going to be temporarily closed. We are in the process of experiencing some “movement”. The site is “under construction” until further notice.

This is not goodbye, just a simple “hold on”.  See you soon. I’ll be returning within the next few weeks in early 2017.

The blog’s wavy curator,

Mo Indigo


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